Council members party in D.C. and learn about empyting pockets

Do you know where your City Council member is this week? Chances are that he or she is in Washington, D.C., participating in the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference.

Take a look at some of the ideas being discussed at this conference – some of them are a bit nutty:

  • Forging partnerships to reduce childhood obesity (how exactly does that relate to city councils? Some of the biggest people on earth are local politicians! Not to mention the fact that few cities are opening new parks or running many youth programs to begin with.)
  • Advancing quality pre-K in all states (Huh? Isn’t that a school board issue?)
  • The federal role in education reform (See comment above)
  • Wet weather partnership (are they going to show the council members how to control the weather?)
  • Emptying pockets – how debt and predatory lenders are attacking your city (never mind the lenders – what about the greedy city managers who want to raise our taxes?!?)
  • The mystery of the federal budget (what about the city budget that is kept behind closed doors and is not available on the web?)
  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Local Officials Reception (I have no problem with this one – but I wonder if they will have a reception for lecherous councilmen who cheat on their wives? Wait, that would be most of them!)
  • Managing your cities rising pension and health care liabilities (Pulido better go to this one!)

You can read more about this program at this link.

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