City of Santa Ana declares war on taxpayers

Thomas Gordon told our readers some time ago about a new tax being considered by the City of Santa Ana. Today the OC Register covered this issue.

The article included a great Gordon quote, “Do you see any roads other than in Santa Ana that are as thrashed as they are in Santa Ana?” he said. “They find money for what they want.”

The Register reported that “Earlier this month, the city signed a $25,000 contract with Sacramento-based polling firm J. Moore Methods to find out whether residents would be willing to pay a parcel or a utility tax or another kind of assessment to pave up to 300 miles of local streets, according to city documents.”

This is nothing less than a declaration of war on the local taxpayers by the City of Santa Ana. We need to oppose this measure, for several reasons, including:

  • We have NO IDEA how the city is spending our money to begin with. Our city budget needs to go on our city website BEFORE they even think of asking us for more money.
  • Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream forced the installation of expensive city medians that few people wanted – why didn’t that money go to fixing our roads instead? How much are we WASTING on maintenance of these medians, every year? Yes, we are stuck with them now, but shouldn’t we have thought about their maintenance cost before installing them?
  • What about Assemblyman Jose Solorio, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and State Senator Lou Correa? Weren’t they supposed to bring back thousands of dollars to our city, for our streets?
  • Why does Ream have SO MANY high-paid assistants? How much are they paid? Why have we kept Ream on the city payroll when he has so badly dropped the ball, re our streets? Shouldn’t he be fired for not doing his job?
  • What about Measure M money?
  • Has the city administration even thought of cutting expenditures before they ask us to give more? Is a committee studying the issue?
  • What about the money the city continues to waste on stupid ideas, such as those overpriced TV screens that will be used for propaganda?
  • What about the thousands of dollars we spend subsidizing institutions such as the Bowers Museum? They don’t appear to be ready to change their program so city taxpayers can go to their Museum when they want to. So cut them off!
  • How do the huge raises given to our police and fire departments fitgure into this? Maybe we need to ourtsource these departments to the County of Orange, to save money?
  • What about those on fixed incomes? Won’t this new tax be a real detriment to them? Won’t this hurt the elderly, the disabled, etc.?

We need to start lobbying our council members and the Mayor NOW. We are already paying for a school bond – and now the area school district, SAUSD, wants to pass yet another bond. Enough is enough! It is time to hold our elected officials accountable!

Hang on to your wallets folks, it’s going to get rough in the next few months…


The O.C. Register published an editorial in Tuesday’s paper, in opposition to this latest Ream Assessment. Here are a few excerpts:

  • The city’s motto is “Education First,” but more accurately might be something such as, “The Pothole City.”
  • City officials should be able to handle this from a number of funding sources, first and foremost. But that would mean that it had to spend less money on maintaining their large and well-paid bureaucracy, or on redevelopment projects or on project labor agreements.
  • Officials don’t like to stand up to special interest groups defending those spending items, be they public-employee unions or constituents of the Bowers Museum ($1.88 million in 2006-07). So officials spend the public’s money freely, then when it’s all used up, they claim that they don’t have enough money to do the most basic tasks that the public demands, such as paving the streets. Then they give residents a choice: continued wretched street conditions or higher taxes. Such a choice.
  • Residents of “The Pothole City” ought to ignore the pollsters and tell the council the truth


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