Bowers could try reaching out to city residents

I wrote earlier this week about the Bower’s Museum price increase, and the detrimental affect it could have on Santa Ana residents. I have thought about this further and I have reached the conclusion that the Bowers could do a lot to change the public perception of their price increase by changing the way they deal with Santa Ana residents.

Currently the Bowers allows Santa Ana residents to visit their facility two times per month, on specific days. A better option would be to give us a membership card that would allow us to go to the Bowers anytime. Would that burden the museum? I think not. Our residents barely go there as it is. At least this way those who want to go could do so at their leisure.

Another idea would be to give us a card with 24 punch slots. We could choose when to go, up to 24 times a year, at our convenience. Again, this would empower Santa Ana residents to go when they want to.

If the Bowers directors really want to engage the people who subsidize them, they ought to take a look at these ideas or come up with something similar. If they don’t, we will know how they really feel about us.

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