A look at Assemblyman Jose Solorio

Lou Correa has come out smelling like roses after being bullies by State Senate Leader Don Perata. However, another OC legislator, Assemblyman Jose Solorio, also attended the fundraiser that got Correa in trouble. They are both apparently trying to reach out to moderate Sacramento Democrats.

I have not been a huge fan of Solorio over the years, primarily because of his association with Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. I have however always felt that Solorio had potential and that he was voting the way he did because he was under Pulido’s thumb. You can’t say that anymore! Solorio is free now to be his own man.

I did hear something disturbing this week, about Solorio. A very connected OC political insider told me that he appears to be lost in Sacramento. Wow! How can that be? He has already made quite an impact in our capitol. Look at the committees he is involved in:

Solorio is also involved in a number of bills, as follows:

1. AB 37 – Solorio * Teachers: professional development.
2. AB 104 – Solorio * Criminal records: city attorneys.
3. AB 122 – Solorio * Voter intimidation: candidate notification.
4. AB 276 – Solorio * Trial courts: limited-term employees.
5. AB 343 – Solorio * Health care: employer coverage: disclosure.
6. AB 352 – Solorio * Weapons.
7. AB 369 – Solorio * Child abuse reporting.
8. AB 485 – Solorio * Special education: nonpublic, nonsectarian sc
9. AB 590 – Solorio * Parental involvement: limited-English-profici
10. AB 731 – Solorio * Health care coverage: public agencies.

To follow what Solorio is up to you can also sign up to receive his newsletter.

Solorio’s wife, Lin Lee, is a teacher for the SAUSD (I don’t know if she will continue in that role – it depends on whether the Solorios will move to Sacramento at some point). I have worked with her one Michele Martinez’ community committee. She is a pleasure to work with! You can see their family in the picture on the left. They represent the future of California – Latinos and Asians working together for the betterment of everyone. Solorio’s perspective as a father will also serve him well as a legislator.

After I was sworn in as a Santa Ana Commissioner, I received a nice note from Solorio wishing me well in that role. He did not have to do that and I appreciate that he did. I think that now that I am no longer a Republican I ought to be able to work better with the Democrats in my area. At least I hope so.

Here are a few of the news releases that Solorio’s office has made available on their website:

March 5, 2007 – Garden Grove Teacher Teri Rocco Chosen By Assemblyman Jose Solorio As Woman Of The Year For Sixty-Ninth Assembly District

March 1, 2007 – Assemblyman Solorio Leads Effort To Get $383.5 Million for Orange County Freeways

February 20, 2007 – Assembly Public Safety Chairman Solorio Introduces A Bill That Cracks Down on Gangs and Drugs

February 6, 2007 – Assemblyman Jose Solorio To Open 10,000 People Strong (est.)Tet Festival of Flowers To Celebrate 2007 Luna Year of The Hog

It sure doesn’t look like Solorio is lost in Sacramento – I think fellow legislator Jim Silva is a better example of a guy who truly has no clue as to what he is doing. I looked up Silva’s committee assignments, and here is what he had to say about the Budget Committee: The Budget Committees jurisdiction is the Budget. Wow. I wonder how long it took for Silva to come up with that statement?

But, Solorio is contending with powerful L.A. Latino leaders – and you have to wonder what they think of those of us from the O.C. If Solorio can succeed while contending with them, he will have truly accomplished something.

I doubt that the O.C. GOP will be able to come up with someone to run against Solorio in two years. I know Ryan Gene Williams won’t do it. I’m sure the Reeps will find someone – but they will have no chance of success. Solorio has a chance to stay in office to the extent that term limits allow. Who knows? Maybe he will continue in the State Senate thereafter. Transitioning from Correa to Solorio would appear to be a seamless and positive outcome.

I wish Solorio well. The 69th Assembly District has so many needs – we truly need an effective legislator to represent us. Will Solorio fit the bill? So far it looks like he is on the right track.

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