2008 Presidential candidate the honorable Mitt Romney comes to Orange County

Having just returned from a reception with Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney let me provide a few comments on this event that was held at the five star St. Regis Resort in Dana Point.

As fellow blogger Jon Fleischman was practicing with his video equipment I expect that he will have the entire event, or parts thereof, posted on his Flash Report blog later tonight.

As a fiscal and social conservative, this upcoming election is not a slam dunk. There were several in attendance whom I spoke to that attended this reception to hear the governor but as of now have not selected the candidate that they will eventually support.

The opening remarks, after the invocation and pledge, were provided by the Honorable Chairman of the Board, Supervisor Chris Norby followed by OCGOP Chairman Scott Baugh who introduced many of the elected officials in the crowd. That list included Congressman John Campbell, Senator Dick Ackerman, Supervisor Bill Campbell, Supervisor Pat Bates, Dana Point Mayor Diane Harkey, Santa Ana councilman Carlos Bustamante, former CAGOP Chairman attorney Michael Schroeder and Judge John S. Adams.

Governor Romney shared part of his life experiences from meeting and marrying his bride to his involvement as president and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee in turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics that was held in Salt Lake City.

His background is a success story in the world of finance. He founded Bain Capital, one of the nations most successful VC and investment companies.

In his presentation the Governor identified five key areas that the next president must face but I did not hear any real solutions. Governor Romney is a very articulate speaker, and perhaps, if we had more time, we could have pressed him to cite examples of his “blueprint” to fixing the obvious issues as stated.

What is very obvious is that the Republican faithful in CA will be split in the primary. While several were introduced for the OCGOP one clap, many other big names were missing. Some supporting Mayor Rudy Giuliani while others like Senator John McCain. At our table the discussion was about actor and former Senator Fred Thompson whose track record for some is the most conservative of the announced candidates from both a fiscal and social evaluation. Where’s Newt? In my vocabulary is the expression “snooze, you lose.” You can’t sit on the sideline, remain undecided til Oct/Nov, and expect your supporters to hold off endorsements and funding for those who enter early. That’s the slippery slope of holding early primary elections.

Before I make my presidential candidate selection I intend to let Google dig up as much background information on each Republican to see if their public policy actions or statements has been consistent with their current campaign rhetoric. Is their message the same from Maine to Montana? Can they lead this country out of the current quagmire that is keeping our leadership from being productive?

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