Will 2008 be the "Year of the Woman" in Santa Ana?

I was talking with a friend of mine today about Santa Ana politics, and I told him that it would make sense for Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez to take on Mayor Miguel Pulido. My friend thought otherwise, but then I explained that it is likely that Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez will be running for the First Supervisorial District – leaving Martinez free to take on Pulido. Since Martinez has a four year council term, she can run against Pulido in 2008, and still be assured of two more years on the council.

Think about this – Hillary Clinton will no doubt wipe out Barak Obama in the primary, and then she will be running for the White House, bringing thousands of women to the polls. So Martinez and Alvarez will be able to ride her coattails to victory. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez will be running, again, for her district, making for an interesting slate of powerful women in Santa Ana.

Pulido won’t know what hit him – nor will Trung Nguyen, assuming he is still the Supervisor, as opposed to being an inmate at San Quentin. (We’ll see if he gets away with voter fraud or not).

Consider that Pulido really angered his party when he betrayed them in this month’s Supervisorial contest, backing lame Republican Carlos Bustamante instead of the consensus Democrat pick, Tom Umberg. Pulido won’t be endorsed by his fellow Democrats in two years – count on it.

Just this past year two of Pulido’s hack candidates, Tino Rivera and Jennifer “the Cheerleader” Villasenor, were defeated by candidates endorsed by the O.C. Democrat Party – Sal Tinajero and Martinez. Expect a repeat of that in 2008. Bustamante will be up for reelection – and even though Brett Franklin has opted not to run against him, many people will. Maybe the Democrats will find a woman (perhaps Park Santiago’s Yvette Aguilar?) to run against Bustamante. Like Pulido, he will never know what hit him.

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