The 1st Supervisorial debate we wished for!

It looks like the voters in the First Supervisorial District are not going to get to see all of the candidates in an all-out scrum, so I decided to postulate what might happen if you got them all in one room. Here then is the virtual debate we all have been wishing for:

Moderator: You will each have two minutes to present your opening statements.

Umberg: Clearly I should go first since I served in Guantanamo.

Moderator: Sorry sir, we have assigned speaking order randomly and so Mr. Nguyen will go first.

Trung Nguyen: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, I am the only conservative in this race. I am also the only candidate to go to our border with Mexico to stop the illegals. No one else can say that. Well, maybe Lupe can but she pulled out because she has no fire in her belly. But there is other stuff in her belly. Wait, I also want to mention that I was there with the Governor and someone messed up with that picture in the paper, but it wasn

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