Silva: Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

One of the battles I got involved in last year involved the two Republicans vying for the 67th Assembly District, Jim Silva and Mike McGill. Harmans’ wife was in the mix too, but she is no Republican.

The entire OC GOP machine jumped behind Silva, but McGill cut it close with the help of Joe Giardello. Sadly, Silva won. Today we found out just why the guy deserved to be opposed, when Jubal/Matt Cunningham ran a ridiculous statement written by Silva. It turns out he just might be bordering on senility. Read for yourself:

A Day In The Life

By Jim Silva

After the excitement of being sworn in to the California State Assembly last December, I settled in to learn my new job.

The first order of business was receiving clearance badges and credentials. Then it was off to training seminars on how a bill becomes law, sexual harassment awareness and ethics. But it actually dawned on me that I was a California State Assemblymember as I walked the halls of the State Capitol and moved into my own office, filled my desk drawers with pens and pencils, hung family photos on the walls, and received visits from colleagues welcoming me to my new surroundings. I could not believe that after all the hard work and assistance from thousands of supporters throughout the campaign, I was now an elected member of the California State Legislature. It was a very exciting day! The anticipation and eagerness to serve make my heart skip a beat.

From what I am told, my days are fairly typical for a legislator. I wake up with the sunrise and head on over to the State Capitol. I spend most of my early mornings voraciously reading many of the state

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  1. Anonymous

    This is what happens when you elect high school civics teachers (Silva/Norby) to city councils. Some of them actually believe people care what they have to say and they keep falling into higer elected offices.

  2. Quang

    9:14 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more! I was rooting for McGill.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually, he sounds lost and lonely. Perhaps I am reading too much into his diary, but that’s my read. New Repub. legislators from OC usually get an office the size of a broom closet in the worst possible location. Can lead to a feeling of isolation. But, when you’re termed out of your county supervisor seat, what’s a fella to do?

  4. Gary

    Huh. I don’t get you guys. Haven’t you ever been thrilled about your first day on the job? Why is it so wrong that he’s sharing that moment with all of us? You want him to be thrilled to be there, don’t you?

  5. Art Pedroza

    What irks me is that Silva obviously got elected even though he has NO CLUE what to do in Sacramento. He has no principles and no new ideas. He ought to have retired…

  6. Anonymous

    “moved into my own office, filled my desk drawers with pens and pencils, hung family photos on the walls”

    Just Wow! Did he turn on the Com-pu-ter (the thing with those Internet Tubies)?? Those “pencils” will come in handy as they have E-ra-sers which work great on those Com-pu-ter Screens. Is this the best OC has to offer Sacto? perhaps my 12 year old can fill in for him when he’s not in that tornandee called lunch.

  7. Anonymous

    I saw this over at OC Blog:

    Today I wandered over to feed the squirrels. They are so cute! I wondered about maybe taking one to my office, but then I got hungry and ate the peanuts I was feeding them.

    I passed by Jose Solorio on the way back to my office and he told me he is chairing a committee. That made me so mad I flicked his right ear. He ran away crying and I felt really bad.

    On the way back to my office I stumbled into an office I had never seen. It was full of mops and brooms and cleaning stuff. I wondered what kind of legislator would use his office to store cleaning supplies and then it hit me – his office was bigger than mine! Lucky guy! And he had the coolest coveralls stored in there, with his name on them.

    When I got back to my office I ordered my staff to get me some blazers with my name on them. And I sent away for more peanuts.

    Maybe tomorrow I will try to pass a law or something…

  8. Anonymous

    Another hit job on a Republican. Good job, Art!! You get the ribbon for “RINO” of the year!! I cant wait for your next vicious attack on a Republican.

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