Register gushes over Van Tran – but there is more to the story

Van Tran was a popular subject today in local political blogs. Martin Wisckol, over at the O.C. Register, appears to be infatuated with him.

In an article today, Wisckol wrote, “Consider this: Tran considered running for that Senate seat last year but eventually decided against it, saying he could beat fellow Republican Lynn Daucher in the primary but doubted he could top eventual winner Lou Correa in the general election. But with Tran’s help in Little Saigon, Daucher nearly upset Correa

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  1. Andrew Davey

    These Trannies really do creep me out…
    And I’m trying to keep up with it all at Calitics. Thanks for making my job easier, Art.

    And btw, my initial story on the Trannie dirty business was published on the California Progress Report earlier today.

    : )

  2. Anonymous

    “Caste divisions” are part of a number of cultures and are not dropped just because people settle in a different Country. It takes multiple generations, born here, to get past those things.

  3. Anonymous

    Being Hispanic myself, I always admire these orientals and their knowledge. They talk transistors, resistors, capacitors, microchips, volts, amperes — well we are so lucky to have this Little Einstein City west of arbor.

  4. Art Pedroza


    You’re doing fine work over at Calitics and at the California Progress Report. Well done!

  5. Pedrozabot

    Our former blogger, and good friend, Gila, had an interesting take on all of this over at the Liberal OC Blog.

    Art, perhaps you can tell your readers why Gila is a FORMER OJ blogger.

  6. Anonymous

    Art said:
    “many Latino Democrat leaders, including Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Al Amezcua, betrayed their party by backing Republican Carlos Bustamante.”

    How is it that these guys supposedly “betrayed” their party and Art Pedroza, who openly supported lowest vote getter democrat Benny Diaz, did not?
    I’m not sure if Pedroza is aware, but this was supposed to be a non-partisan office.
    This is a huge double standard.

  7. Gila


    Obviously you’re the smartest person here, so why don’t you tell everyone why I left OJ. Hint: it had nothing to do with Art.

  8. Spady


    I don’t see how a person could live in Orange County or watch a man like GWB become president on zero accomplishment and still believe that class is not alive and well in America. Americans tell themselves that class is not important and that it does not affect their relationships, but that does not sustain examination. The classless American society is a myth. Generation after generation have been born and died in the same class position. Some “move up” and some move down” but the majority remain in the lower ranks (middle and working class).

    Class is the great reality of American society that few will talk about, unless they deny its reality.

    A few bits of info on the topic:

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