Mission Viejo Vice Mayor John Paul Ledesma throws his hat in the arena to replace Assemblyman Todd Spitzer in the 71st Assembly District

Roughly 100 days after being re-elected to the Mission Viejo city council Vice Mayor John Paul Ledesma is seeking to replace Todd Spitzer as our Assembly representative. Term Limits has really impacted the election process with members of our Board of Supervisors going to Sacramento while others, such as Supervisor Campbell, come back to serve at the county level.

With our city’s Term Limits policy, and having just been elected to his third term, John Paul would be out of office in 2010.

So the picture now shows DA Tony Rackauckas leaving office with Todd Spitzer an early favorite for that post. A few years ago Todd told me that his next effort, after serving in SAC, would be to run for DA. Without getting into the discussion of other candidates seeking the DA job we also have Rancho Santa Margarita councilman Neil Blais having his eyes set on Todd’s Sacramento office. My point is that we are still waiting to see who the winner will be, as early as today, in the First District race and the wires are heating up for another race.

Question. With the multi candidate presidential race consuming the airwaves and print media are you getting tired of all the non-stop political activity in CA?

As much as it must have been a slow news day when the story broke about Anna Nicole Smith one thing it offered was a breather from non stop campaign coverage.

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