Janet Nguyen is up by 10 Votes!

Jubal/Matt over at Red County/OC Blog is reporting that Janet Nguyen is up by 10 votes, with only a few votes left to count on Monday. It looks like I was right after all! I am VERY happy that both Michael Schroeder and John Lewis were rebuffed in this election. Their candidates lost, again pending Monday’s challenges, and they both spent a ton of money in the process.

Congratulations to Janet! I hope her lead holds up. If she wins, this will be bad news for the Democrats as they won’t have much of a chance to defeat her in two years. Of course that Janet will have to reach out to everyone in the district and be inclusive and open-minded, if she is to prevail when her initial term ends. I think we can count on that.

This is going to drive the Trannies nuts! I expect they will try to file a lawsuit, but given how many different eyes were involved in the recount, I think Trung Nguyen will be finished. His school board seat will come up in two years, and hopefully he will be taken out by a better, more compassionate candidate.

Janet’s apparent victory means that she likely won’t be running against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in 2008, instead she will be trying to continue on the Board of Supervisors. Perhaps Assemblyman Van Tran will take on Loretta?

In related news, a friend told me today that he thinks Costa Mesa Mayor Alan Mansoor is positioning himself to run for Tran’s seat in the 68th Assembly District in 2010. My friend also thinks that Jim Righeimer, who is now a Costa Mesa Planning Commissioner, will lower his sights and run to replace Mansoor at that juncture. I cannot imagine that Tran will allow Mansoor to take his seat…


The Total Buzz Blog is reporting that Trung Nguyen’s lawyer, Mike “Darth” Schroeder, believes his client will ultimately prevail on Monday. Here is what he had to say about the recount:

“We remain optimistic,” Schroeder said, that once all the challenges are resolved, they will get their lost votes back.

He said they are also disappointed that they have lost so many ballots because people initialed their vote — marking a change of vote or just because the voter wanted to be dutiful. For instance, Trung’s campaign thinks many people placed their initials on a change of vote, much like all of us initial a change on a check when we make a mistake. Those were thrown out.

Schroeder also told me that a whopping 75 ballots were disqualified because people checked the box for the write-in candidate — which is right next to Trung Nguyen’s name, which was last on the ballot. Those 75 voters didn’t write in a candidate — he thinks they were just confused and intended to vote for Trung.

Sorry Mike! You cannot change the rules to benefit your client. Voting is a precious right and we ought to take it seriously. It is also fairly simple. Perhaps in the future folks will take the time to do it right.

Chris Prevatt thinks that the discrepancies are due to the Trannie shenanigans – as they allegedly coerced voters, mistakes were made. If that indeed happened, then they ought to lose these votes. Serves them right.

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