Janet Nguyen could run against Loretta Sanchez in 2008

I wrote a post the other day about 2008 being the “Year of the Woman,” with Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton possibly leading hundreds of thousands of woman voters to the polls – benefiting other female candidates. I cited a few examples of local politicians, such as Loretta Sanchez, Michele Martinez and Claudia Alvarez.

A friend of mine called me today to remind me that I forgot to mention Janet Nguyen. If she defeats Trung Nguyen for the 1st Supervisorial District, she will be up for reelection in two years. If she fails to beat him, she can always run against Loretta Sanchez.

Janet’s former ally, Assemblyman Van Tran, will himself be running for reelection in two years, to the 68th Assembly District. If the Democrats were smart they would run Garden Grove School Board Member Kim Oahn Nguyen-Lam against Tran. That would highlight the fact that O.C. Vietnamese are not as Republican as some like to think. I have also postulated that a white Democrat could take out Tran, under the right circumstances.

At any rate, Tran will work his Vietnamese machine and inadvertently that will help Janet, as Tran’s Assembly District overlaps the 47th Congressional District. You know he will hate that!

While the Trung Nguyen faction is running around trying to discredit Janet, they face two problems. One, even if he wins, he is badly tarnished from his virulently anti-Latino mailers. Janet has issues with that as well, but the Trung mailer that depicted him on the border with Mexico was highly offensive – and will be making a return engagement in Latino mail boxes when 2008 rolls around.

Trung’s second problem is that if he loses to Janet, he will have a hard time finding something to run for in 2008. Janet will have had two years to develop roots throughout the 1st District, and the Republican Party will likely, reluctantly, have to get with the program and back her – or else risk losing the seat to a Latino Democrat in 2008. Maybe he can move to the 69th Assembly District and take on Democrat Assemblyman Jose Solorio? Solorio is not the toughest guy around, but I am sure he would love to take on the anti-immigrant Trung.

In related news, Janet has announced a toll free hotline for those who want to report voter fraud in the Supervisorial Election.

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