Garden Grove to punish those who use illegal fireworks

The O.C. Register is reporting that the Cty of Garden Grove has opted to go with my suggestion, and punish those who use illegal fireworks instead of going after the non-profits who sell safe and sane fireworks. Well done!

For some reason, Janet Nguyen voted against this reasonable measure. Kudos to Mark Rosen for seeing it through to its conclusion.

I hope that the Santa Ana City Council will follow suit. Garden Grove will be charging violaters $1,000 each. Santa Ana should do the same – but I hope the City of Garden Grove actually spends some money telling their constituents about this. It would not be fair to only tell English speakers about it.

Santa Ana could probably make up their budget deficit in one night by enforcing a similiar law. In fact they ought to pay folks a bounty for reporting violators. It is easy to take their picture and call the cops. Violators are doing something that could burn down neighbor’s houses and hurt their families. They ought to pay a serious price for that.

I also think that those who use the safe and sane fireworks but do not clean up their mess ought to also be fined. That behavior is inexcusable.

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