Diane Harkey, Mayor of Dana Point, candidate for 73rd State Assembly District

Diane Harkey, Mayor of Dana Point, has officially thrown her hat into the arena to replace outgoing Assemblywoman Mimi Walters in the 73rd State Assembly District.

PS: For the record. Larry Gilbert endorsed Diane in her race for the State Senate won by Tom Harman and endorses her in this race. A partial listing of her endorsements for the Assembly seat include: Congressmen John Campbell, Ed Royce, Darrell Issa and Ken Calvert.
Current 73rd District Assemblywoman Mimi Walters is serving as her honorary Campaign Chair.

What’s your thoughts about Prop 140 the 1990 CA Term Limits Initiative where CA. Assemblymembers are limited to three, two year, terms?

Is that adequate time for them to find the restrooms inside the Capitol and develop relationships with their peers to craft and pass Legislation where many bills end up in the two year cycle bin?

Would you support a revision to our Term Limits laws so that our state assemblymembers and senators might be permitted to serve a maximum of 14 years without the need to move from house to house?

i.e. Ray Haynes moved from the Assembly to the Senate and returned to the Assembly due to the current restrictions.

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