Check the headline.."Brea planning a hiring hall for all day laborers"

How many of you think the issue of day laborers and illegal immigration is a new story?
In cleaning out some of my files today I found the following Orange County Register story in the Metro Section. Did you happen to read it?

Headline “Brea planning a hiring hall for all laborers”

“Plans for a hiring center that would help day laborers find jobs–regardless of whether they are in the United States legally–are fueling debate over the role of cities in immigration enforcement.” Charles Finnie, Orange County Register.
“Modeled after a Los Angeles program, the Brea plan intended to bring curb-side hiring of laborers, craftsman and landscapers under an official program without excluding undocumented workers. It makes a break with Costa Mesa and Orange, where legal documentation is a prerequisite for use of city hiring-center services.”

“The concept, unanimously approved by the City Council last month, risks running afoul of the INS which enforces immigration laws against hiring undocumented workers.”

Bob Moschorak, acting director for the INS in LA said ” he did not rule out the possibility that Brea’s hiring hall might become the target of an INS raid like the one that netted 37 illegal immigrants Nov 28 in Laguna Beach and El Toro.”

I guess one question might be… when is the last time the INS raided one of the current day gathering places? Ironically the story mentions gathering in El Toro where we just had another article published on this same issue in the Register 18 years later.

PS: The date on this above the fold major story reads Monday, December 11, 1989.

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