Bustamante feeling blue?

Failed GOP Supervisorial candidate and Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante is apparently feeling a little blue since his loss. George Collins is reporting that Bustamante is going to move to the Democrat Party. I spoke to Collins and apparently his sources are telling him that Bustamante is being pursued by at least two high-ranking O.C. Democrats.

This would be a pretty funny turn of events. The Reeps have been burned before, in Santa Ana. Last year OC GOP Central Committee member Tim Whitacre called his fellow Reeps and he swore up and down that the two Democrats he was backing for the Santa Ana City Council, against endorsed Republicans, were both going to become Republicans after the election. Well, Tino Rivera and Jennifer Villasenor both lost – and neither one has since become a Republican.

Some years ago, Santa Ana School Board member Rosie Avila, a Republican, convinced the O.C. Lincoln Club to back Sal Tinajero for the school board. They did – and after he won he moved over to the Nativo Lopez camp.

Bustamante similarly wasted hundreds of thousands of Lincoln Club and New Majority dollars. And now apparently he is embracing the donkey party.

Bustamante has only been a Republican for two years. He was an independent before he ran for the Santa Ana City Council. I guess he won’t be posing with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger anymore!

Bustamante also was recently stripped of his Mayor Pro Tem title – and it was handed to his Democrat nemesis Claudia Alvarez. He probably has read the tea leaves – he has NO FUTURE in Santa Ana as a Republican.

We saw a glimpse of this months ago when the Tan Nguyen scandal broke and Bustamante attended a meeting at Lou Correa’s office. The meeting was intended for Latino Democrats. Soon, it seems, Bustamante will be one of them.

The Reeps at the Red County/OC Blog have already forgotten about Bustamante, or at least tried to sweep him under the rug. Yesterday Jon Fleischman wrote a post about the losers in the Supervisorial race and he forgot to mention Bustamante. I think he should have mentioned his consultant, John Lewis, too. Sure, Lewis got paid a lot of money, but his reputation took a hit when Bustamante stumbled into fourth place. Now Lewis will have to explain why his client is reportedly going Dem…

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