241 Extension debate ensues over PLAs, environment

I heard a strange story yesterday from a pajarito. Turns out that the proposed extension of the 241 will be done under the auspices of a PLA. I have not checked on that yet, but it could be true. All county public works projects were under a PLA for some time, and perhaps this one has been on the books long enough to do so as well.

For those who don’t know, a PLA is a “project labor agreement.” It bans non-union contractors from bidding on public works under PLAs unless they hire their workers from the union hall. PLAs reduce bidders, increase costs, and cause delays. The only ones who benefit from PLAs are of course the unions.

My source told me that the OC Democrats recently voted on the 241 issue. Most of them voted against it. However, the unions defended the extension, saying that not building it would cost jobs.

So, you have the pro-union Democrats versus the green Democrats. What a battle! But I wonder how this will play out with county conservatives? They love building freeways, especially if you can kill a few deer in the process. However, they don’t like unions. If this proves true, watch them struggle big-time with this issue.

I predict however that pro-PLA Republicans like Curt Pringle, Jim Silva and Ken Maddox will push for the extension. And the rest of them will get in line, as they always do.

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