1st Supervisorial District Election Update

Kudos to Janet Nguyen for her continued battle to overturn Trung Nguyen’s 7 vote margin of victory. However, she faces an uphill road. The Register noted that Trung ally Mike Schroeder had this to say about Janet, “She has the prospect of becoming the next Al Gore, being seen as a sore loser.” I expect that Schroeder will use his influence at the O.C. District Attorney’s office for ill.

Today’s Register reported that “Trung Nguyen, meanwhile, spent Thursday making plans for serving as supervisor. He was talking to potential advisers.” Does the latter mean that he has already received Mark Leyes’ resume and job application?

Janet’s team appears to be focusing on the ballots. Someone needs to follow up on the other allegations: that the Trannies collected absentee ballots, illegally, and turned them in to the ROV; that they coerced older Vietnamese voters into voting for Trung; and that they may have committed other forms of voter fraud on their way to victory.

The Register’s Opinion page finally got into the act with a commentary today about the race. Predictably they totally overlooked the fact that the Democrats erred by drafting Umberg instead of a Latino candidate, and that the Republicans erred by assuming that Latino voters would side with a weak GOP candidate in Carlos Bustamante.

Where was the allegedly Libertarian Register when O.C. Libertarian Party Chairman Bruce Cohen was trying desperately to get the decidedly non-Libertarian Bustamante elected?

The opinion piece also made the crazy assumption that now Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’ district is in play. No it’s not. And no, Trung’s victory is not a good thing for the GOP. Just watch him over the next two years, assuming he is eventually declared the winner. He will totally alienate Latinos and believe me, he will lose the seat next time, likely to Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez. Janet would have hung on to the seat.

County Democrats need to get on their horse, or donkey, right now and start working to beat Trung in two years. His victory must not be allowed to stand. And I hope that Janet will take him on again. Maybe this time she will actually compete in Santa Ana. Had she come to the one debate that we had, she would have had her seven votes. But she didn’t. Rookie mistake…

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