What’s in a name…It’s your call

I am not sure if Juice readers noticed the story in today’s Register entitled “Atlanta divided over plan to split county.” My initial reaction was to look back to the most recent efforts by those living in the “valley,” also known as the San Fernando Valley, where they failed to break away from LA.

There may be a parallel in that today’s report includes a minor headline reading “foes say breaking off affluent, mostly white area is racially motivated.” The article says that the predominantly white affluent suburbs would remain in Fulton County with the new County to include the “metropolitan area’s poorest, black neighborhoods.”
The new “Milton County would have a population of 300,000” They want their legislature to amend the GA Constitution to approve this pending action.

Perhaps we should split up the state of CA. For years I have heard rumors for breaking up our state into north and south. Why not! Our local Legislative representatives can’t seem to get anything for us while those living up “north” get the lion’s share of our mutual revenues. This would also give us the opportunity to replace “our” governor with someone who really represents the Republican or Democratic party. We could build our capital in the heart of Anaheim’s Platinum Triangle that would be easily accessible by air, freeways and rail.What’s your thoughts?

Note: Having the Capitol in Orange County would be beneficial to our legislators who would not have to live in Sacramento coming home on weekends to see their families.

We could also go to the Capitol and watch them in action as they debate and vote on key issues. They would be more accessible to their constituents.

We might have some fun with this off-the-wall post.

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