Trung Nguyen campaign implodes in Photoshop scandal

An interesting story broke yesterday as Trung Nguyen’s campaign suddenly imploded in an apparent Photoshop malfunction. Nguyen’s head was added to a scene including Governor Schwarzenegger and Lynn Daucher. He was at that event, but in a dark suit, whereas in the picture (seen below, courtesy of Red County/OC Blog) he is in a dark gray suit.

In the picture seen below (again courtesy of Red County/OC Blog) we see Trung at the same event, this time in a different suit.

Busted! However, I am left with the question – why did this break on Red County/OC Blog – and why is everyone so happy about Trung’s demise?

Here is my theory – I believe that Team Bustamante has convinced at least a few of the Trannies that their guy can win this race. But apparently Trung would not go away of his own volition. So they took him out. Let’s see who gets the blame for this “error” in the Trung camp. The timing is just too iffy.

Trung was in the way and so Team Bustamante had to take him out. He also was one of the last overtly conservative candidates in the race. Now the conservatives can drift over to Team Bustamante and find refuge with Lupe Moreno, Kermit Marsh, Rosie Avila, etc.

But it appears to be too late for Bustamante. Thousands of Vietnamese votes have already been cast. How many of the remaining votes will now go to Bustamante? Not many. Janet Nguyen is bound to pick up steam now that Trung has nuked himself.

That brings me to another scandal that broke on Red County/OC Blog yesterday. They took the time to translate one of Janet’s press releases that was sent out in Vietnamese. Here are a few excerpts from that translation:

In less two weeks, the Vietnamese American will decide or accept a County Supervisor, either (of a) Mexican (American), American (born) or whatever; to supervise an area in Orange County, which has Vietnamese (American) as the majority population; or we will put a Vietnamese (American) into an important, real power position; to mark a historic event of the Vietnamese community in Orange County for the last 30 years. For if the Vietnamese community is able to do this, then this (would) be a remarkable action which reflects the political maturity of the community.

With a very small absentee ballots number of the Mexican (American voters), in addition to the low number of turn out in Santa Anna City, compared to Garden Grow City, The winning chance of the Republican Mexican (American nominee) had vanished. The Santa Ana City and the Democratic voting percentage is too low in compare to of the Republican’s, thus the Democratic nominate leader would not have any (winning) chance. (That’s because) part the Mexican (Spanish speaking voters) have divide up the votes…

I can only hope that the racism I detected in this release was due more to the difficulty of translating Vietnamese into English than anything else. I have written extensively about the growing divide between Vietnamese and Latino residents of the O.C. – and this type of stuff doesn’t help. As Jubal/Matt pointed out, “It appears that some candidates hope – if not expect – that their Vietnamese-language missives will never be seen by the Anglo population and the mainstream media.” True – that is a trick used by Latinos as well. Who can forget the Claudia Alvarez “She’s one of us” signs?

Altogether a disappointing weekend for those of us who thought that the O.C. Vietnamese community had matured enough politically to be a real force in this county. It has a ways to go. But we should ignore the reflexive reaction of going over to Team Bustamante. As Martin Wisckol revealed in today’s O.C. Register:

“Carlos Bustamante, the GOP front-runner in the race for the First District Supervisors race, sent out a mailer bashing Tom Umberg as a “Hispanic-bashing politician.” The piece also had pictures of Claudia Alvarez, a Santa Ana councilwoman, and Lou Correa, the new state senator, in what looked like endorsements of Bustamante.

Trouble is, they didn’t endorse Bustamante. After the mailer went out, Alvarez was so offended that she

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