The fix is in at SAUSD

My sources tell me that next week’s SAUSD candidate interviews are a sham. The Board of Trustees has already picked the candidate to replace Sal Tinajero. They have chosen Rob Richardson ally Mark McLoughlin.

Lending credence to this theory is the fact that the Board decided to schedule interviews for all the candidates on one day, next Tuesday. If you cannot be there that day, you are out of the running. That is inane. If they are serious about these interviews, they ought to work with the candidates if some of them cannot be there that evening due to calendar conflicts. But of course the interviews are a complete farce. They are mere window dressing.

McLoughlin is a member of the SAUSD Bond Oversight Committee. His phone number and address are listed on the Committee website. I am told that he was also involved in the recall of former SAUSD trustee Nativo Lopez.

It is odd that a district that is as overwhelmingly Latino as the SAUSD would have only one Latino on the board – John Palacio. I guess the city’s many Scottish residents (see picture, above left) will be excited to have McLoughlin on the board.

I won’t be there next Tuesday as I have to fly up to Oakland next week on business. Wish I could be there however. I offered to submit my answers to the board member’s questions in writing, but of course they were not interested. Oh well.

Good luck Mark – you are going to have your hands full. To be honest, I might be dodging a bullet here as every board member is going to have their reputations destroyed and their political careers abridged if the state ends up taking over the SAUSD. No wonder Richardson wants to get off the school board and get back on the City Council…

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