Janet Nguyen winning the sign war in the 1st District

The 1st Supervisorial District candidates aren’t wasting any time. Both Carlos Bustamante and Brett Franklin came by my house today. A pajarito told me that Bustamante had over forty walkers out and about today. If true that is astounding. Lincoln Club members usually write checks but don’t walk precincts. I also heard that Benny Diaz had walkers out in Santa Ana.

On the sign front, Janet Nguyen’s signs are up and they are huge. They dwarf Bustamante’s signs – but he has more of his up. For some reason he put them up in Little Saigon too – which makes no sense.

Sources also tell me that many Santa Ana voters have no idea who Bustamante is. Some think that Franklin is still their councilman!

Mail went out today too. I received pieces from Bustamante and Janet Nguyen. You cannot tell that Bustamante is a Republican from his mailer. He does mention increasing police and deputy sheriff patrols in our area. Hmmm…isn’t the City of Santa Ana drastically understaffed? If Bustamante cannot attend to public safety at the local level, how will he do it as a Supervisor?

Bustamante’s mailer also fails to mention any of his endorsers. It also does not include any pictures of Latino residents or leaders. The only politician pictures besides Bustamante is Rob Richardson from the Santa Ana School Board. There are rumors that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido wants to put Richardson back on the City Council, in Ward 3, if Bustamante gets elected to the Board of Supervisors. Pulido is not shown on the mailer in question.

Franklin’s walk piece looks pretty good. It is a slick, glossy four color double-sided piece with lots of pictures, including a shot of Franklin and Pulido.

Janet Nguyen’s mailer features her with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger; Newt Gingrich; former Assemblyman Ken Maddox; Congressman Ed Royce; and Tom McClintock. It is clearly targeted to GOP households. It says on the front cover, “Republican Leader Janet Nguyen – the Choice for Supervisor.”

Nguyen touches on core GOP issues – including eminent domain abuse; stopping tax increases; and reducing waste. She also says she will “support the Sheriff’s crackdown on illegal aliens.” Ouch. That might cost her some Latino votes – but it will help her with older voters and white voters.

Nguyen also mentions making “neighborhoods safe – drive gangs out.” Franklin’s piece talks about “fighting crime,” but it does not mention gangs.

Bustamante’s mailer notes that he will “support tough measures to protect our neighborhoods from gangs.” However, at the last City Council meeting he dragged his feet when Councilwoman Michele Martinez suggested that the city start up a Gang Prevention and Intervention Commission. Can’t have it both ways Carlos!

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