How in the world can you Disbar an Attorney?

Everyone complains about lawyers. Every lawyer is a louse, everyone is double
dealing and will sell you out for pocket change. Everyone has an ex-wife, children
that need an education at a top 10 university and need a new BMW or Mercedes.
You can almost feel their pain – can’t you? Unless you are tied at the hip like Jim
Rockford was to Beth……or Perry Mason was to Della Street and Paul Drake…
can be sure……..eventually, they will rip you long deep and continuous.

It’s sort of funny how it really works. They make back door deals between each
other and they are always so bummed when your attorney “sand bags” the opposition
the first time in order to set up the big kill. You know…..”Hey Mack… should have
called us ….the opposition Attorney says to your guy!” What does all that mean? Well
it means, that gold rules and gold makes the rules. As much as your Attorney may
even like you ……he is not going to sell out his kid’s education….when the opposition is
willing to pay… and of course you can’t.

So why complain? We all know is system is a mess. We vote every year for Judges that
have no opposition. Those Judges come from what – Lawyers! Hmmm. Are their really
naive Judges out there? Well, if you think Judge Judy or even Judge Whopner didn’t
know where bear skids in the woods…you are really mistaken. Oh sure, there are some
good ones…..just not enough good ones.

The slime builds…..the lies build….the money makes the laws…and we sit here just
really grateful….that no one is paying any attention to us! Maybe if you just dummy
up and pretend that the system is fine…..maybe eventually it will be. Hmmm. Probably
not. So what is it about the new millennium? We have the Internet, Google, instant
knowledge, really mean people, terrorists and stupidity. Some good and some bad. The
good part is that we can now be our own doctor, lawyer, real estate agent or used car
salesman. The worst part is we are all easily able to discover the corruption around us
….and it is not usually an isolated experience. That stuff is everywhere all around us…
and for the first time..we are asked to firmly step up and pay close attention. So, the
question is: How in the world can you disbar an Attorney?
Answer that one……. and the duck will come down and give you $100 dollars!

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