Hernandez appointed to SAUSD board

Jose Hernandez was appointed tonight to the vacancy on the Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Trustees. As expected, trustee Rosie Avila had a cow about it. She did not want to go along, according to my sources, because he is a Democrat. Avila tried to force the other trustees to call for another round of interviews, even though Hernandez was the top candidate, according to their own criteria.

In the end, trustees Rob Richardson and Audrey Noji voted for Hernandez and that was it. Avila was rebuffed and she now looks even dumber than she did before. In fact Richardson pressured her into voting for Hernandez as well.

Congratulations to Mr. Hernandez! I think we are all expecting big things from him. I for one am very happy that a qualified Latino rose to the top based on his own merits.

I wonder when the Avila recall is starting up?

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