Fumigation 101

What happens when you are doing some repairs on your house or condo and
you discover a colony of the intrepid wood termite? Things get shocking and
very quickly. You watch when you pull down the wall board…..high stacks of
mud mounds going through your walls. These little devils got in somehow and now have eaten up two by fours like they are going out of style. Panicky, you
call the Fumigator – “any fumigator” to come out and take care of this scary situation. The guy comes out and gives you one of those roll their eyes – used
car dealer looks. You ask pleasantly: “How much does it cost?”….the guy looks you over and says: “How much have you got?” Sort of like Chevy Chase in
“National Lampoon’s Vacation”!

At any rate Fumigation and Heat Treatment are the only two State of California methods approved for total Termite eradication. The former includes a
minimum two to three day move out and gases the place with World War I
phosgene variants. Not very long ago(since 1990) they used Methyl Bromide, which caused birth defects and cancer faster than a speeding bullet. Finally,
the Fumigators kept being put out of business so they had to withdraw Methyl Bromide for most residential uses..cuz the stuff…sticks on walls and ceilings like Cigar Smoke. The so-called new poison is called Vikane TM……and is not
supposed to leave the same residues that Methyl Bromide did. The problem is…

that these very poisonous gases get stuck places…like plastic containers, water,
in walls, pillows and compacted clothes. If you have a cheap air foam mattress you are probably ok….but then who wants to take a chance? State law says that
if a landlord fumigates where a tenant lives…he has to pay 1 week Food and Lodging at another location. Kind of tells you something doesn’t it?

Some interesting facts to consider regarding the proposed Fumigation of our abode here at Corsica Villas/Newport Townhomes in February..through March. Over 1000 pounds of VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds are scheduled to be released into the immediate environment in and around this area of Newport Beach in the form of Vikane TM poison gas. It is estimated the 30 to 40 pounds
of this compound will be required for each of the 23 buildings. Secondly, literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of gallons of Termidor pesticide will be injected into the ground…..between 9 inches and a foot deep….requiring drilling of slabs. How much of this pesticide will enter the ground water and run off system into the bay and our ocean? The crazy part of this story is that the City of Newport Beach can fine people for washing their cars in the neighborhood for letting the run-off go into the gutters. Even minor oil spills can be an offense worth fining
the offenders. We need to know how much the Fumigation Contractor will be
fined for their release of the VOC’s , spills, and the cost of mitigation to the environment and the area at large. Recently, we have had a sizeable decline in the Crow population and with an upsurge in the Gnatcatcher, Bluebird and Humming
Bird populations. This Fumigation will not only kill all those birds, but kill many of the indigenous as well as high quality plants that make our neighborhood beautiful. The CA State Department of Pesticide Regulation has “all Fumigants under review during 2007”. We ask both the City of Newport Beach and County
of Orange for a moratorium on Connected Complex Residence Fumigation unless a Clear and Present Danger has been established for each building requiring poisonous Fumigation therapy. Heat Treatment Therapy requires no poisons
and we believe should be offered as a viable alternative for Termite infestations without the VOC’s, long term harm to our environment and the loss of bird and animal life. Additionally, the Heat method only requires 8 hours move out and
the ability to move right back in without inconvenience. The long term effects of fumigants to humans, children and pets still is under study. Releasing this much toxic gas and chemicals into the environment and exposing wildlife and residents all at one time seems ludicrous.

The best part of the whole Fumigation Story is that the Fumigators make their
clients sign an agreement which takes away any right to sue for property damages
or personal injury. Gives you a warm and cozy feel, doesn’t it? If you suffer nerve damage or cancer three years later…..who are you going to call? One last thought…the specific gravity of Vikane TM is three times plus that of air…so
when they pop the tent off your building the wind will blow all that poison
gas where the winds take it. Four!

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