Dump Bruce!

I am still in shock that O.C. Libertarian Party Chairman Bruce Cohen has personally endorsed O.C. Supervisorial candidate Carlos Bustamante. Cohen still hasn’t told us why – but his colleague, Andy Favor, admitted, on Red County/OC Blog, that he is also supporting Bustamante because he thinks Carlos can win, and he is afraid of the “looming pension crisis.”

The bottom line is that it is unconscionable for Cohen to absolutely betray the principles of his party by backing Bustamante. To make matters worse, I understand that Cohen has been bragging about “getting John Campbell, Wendy Leece and Alan Mansoor elected.” Huh? Those are Republicans. Why is this guy congratulating himself for electing Republicans?

My first impression was that Cohen was paid off by the Bustamante campaign – but I looked up his congressional campaigns and quickly found that a) he doesn’t get many votes, and b) he never raises any money. Interesting. Cohen realizes he cannot win – but instead of fighting for what his party espouses he has turned into a tool for the OC GOP. His apparent strategy is to take enough votes away from the Democrats to give the Republicans an edge. That is what he was trying to do with Bustamante last Sunday.

Of course, as all know by now, Cohen dropped the ball on Sunday. Bustamante was NOT endorsed by the O.C. Libertarian Party. So Cohen decided to give him a personal endorsement. Here are the reasons that Cohen opted for Bustamante, according to a response he posted on this blog:

1. He is the best candidate (in Cohen’s opinion)
2. He is the best and most Libertarian candidate
3. He is not perfect but he’ll do
4. He is trustworthy and honest
5. He has sworn allegiance to the U.S., our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the concept of minimal government
6. He returned Cohen’s calls
7. He spoke to Cohen many times
8. He spoke to Thomas Gordon

Let’s recap what Bustamante is all about – and you tell me if any of his beliefs/actions indicate even a slight Libertarian bent:

1. He is for higher taxes (the $600 annual cigarette tax and most likely the upcoming Ream assessment)
2. He is for eminent domain abuse
3. He is against medical use of marijuana
4. He is for higher minimum wages
5. He is for union-only project labor agreements
6. He is for making it easier to unionize workers in the workplace
7. He has utterly failed to reduce crime in Santa Ana, where gangs and graffiti are out of control
8. He is against immigration reform – which is a concept usually embraced by Libertarians. In fact he is supported by Lupe Moreno, a Minuteman.
9. He backs Sheriff Carona’s policy re checking immigration status in the jails – again a violation of Libertarian philosophy
10. He lied about Rob Richardson replacing him. I know of at least two council members who are not supportive of that idea.
11. Bustamante is backed by every anti-choice group in Orange County – something that would rub most Libertarians the wrong way, as most of them are pro-choice

So tell us again Bruce why you endorsed Bustamante?

It is high time for the O.C. Libertarians to dump the GOP shill that is their chairman, Cohen, and find someone who will fight for their beliefs and for their party. Their leader ought to speak out against both the Democrats and the Republicans, instead of cozying up to the Reeps. They will never grow their party in this county if they bend knee to the Reeps instead of battling them, as they should.

If you would like to give Cohen a piece of your mind, go to his contact page.

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