Can you believe they need NO permit?

Due to unforeseen events and circumstances we have stumbled upon some
rather startling and revolting revelations. Our HOA….for those who know, want
to Fumigate all 23 Buildings in our complex….123 units – with Chloropicrin and
Vikane gas..without offering a non-toxic State Approved Heat alternative, which
is available.

The City of Newport furthermore, requires NO Permit, the County of Orange
requires NO Permit and Steve our Fire Marshall in NB…says that he cannot cite
any Fumigator based upon Business and Prof. Code…8505.5 which says that NO Fire
Authority can monitor or overseen Poison Gas or Liquid Poison Pesticide treatment.
For all intense purposes…. a Fumigator could dump 500 or 5000 gallons of Termidor
down the sewers of Newport Beach and into the Back Bay, Santa Ana River or the
Pacific Ocean without fine or Haz Mat restriction. What is wrong with this picture?
When we mentioned that a citizen could be cited by Code Enforcement for washing
his car in our neighborhood ….Steve was quick to respond. “Yes, of course!”…But when
it comes to releasing 1000’s of pounds of Vikane – Sulfuryl Fluoride gas – killing birds, indigenous wildlife and possibly contributing to severe allergic reactions, bone cancer,
brain inflammation or lung disease….NO oversight!

The results of the current State of CA “Risk Assessment” this year..may yield
further evidence of “Stacking effects, bystander effects reduced clearing numbers …
down from 5ppm, which makes you sick to your stomach and eyes water with only
a two day departure to 1ppm or less and a week of removal. The “drifting, whiffing,
plume or blowing effects to adjacent properties”. We all know one x-ray may not be
a bad thing….try 23 x-rays in six weeks. Will there be some future negative health

Each and every time a tent is raised in a close proximity of 50 to 100 feet to another
building, the Vikane gas which has a 3.4 Specific Gravity greater than air……plumes
or blows through even stucco walls, windows, doors and appliances. Into food, clothes,
medicines, toiletries and plastic containers, even your refrigerator. All in all…the
hypocrisy of not regulating the Fumigation Industry – regarding inhabited
Multi -Unit Residential Units … is shameful. Our elected Representatives…will need
strong encouragement to do the right thing on this….and quickly. This issue serves
as a great example of a very severe and obvious blind spot in our bureaucratic
political system.

If you find our arguments compelling, we would hope that you research the issue
yourself and might make the appropriate appeals to those we hold as responsible
parties – that can change the status quo. The Lobby for the pesticide industry has
very deep pockets and power beyond our imagination. If nothing else can we just
appeal to their sense of humanity? That would be considered pretty naive….we
suppose! So how about just holding their feet to the fire instead? Yes, all of them!

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