As contributions pour in Petracca questions merits of BOS position

In todays OC Register coverage of the fundraising for the open First District seat, on the County Board of Supervisors, UCI professor Mark Petracca is quoted on the sums being raised for this position.

Peggy Lowe reports that he “was shocked at the high amount of contributions because the board doesn’t have as much power as it did before 1990, when it planned and controlled vast amounts of unincorporated land.”

Peggy’s article goes on to quote Mark saying “that’s an obscene amount of money for a position that, frankly, doesn’t control or do much…twenty years ago, being a member of the board of supervisors meant something.”And the question for Juice readers:

What’s your reaction to Mark’s statement.
Do we really know the duties and responsibilites of those who serve on the Board.

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