Alvarez plays Umberg and comes out on top

It looks like Supervisorial candidate Tom Umberg has been reading this blog. Apparently he is now desperate to create the appearance that he has Latino support. He is supposed to have a press conference today with Claudia Alvarez. Any guesses as to what will ensue at that conference?

You have to love the fact that Alvarez has made this election work for her. It is a very sound strategy on her part. I believe she will run against Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido in two years. Now she can count on Umberg’s support. And why shouldn’t he back her? Pulido betrayed his party by backing a Republican in Carlos Bustamante, instead of Umberg.

Now Umberg and Alvarez can make Pulido pay by presenting a united front today. Their conference will be held at 10:30 a.m. at the O.C. Employees Association office. I expect she will formally endorse Umberg. This is an incredible turn of events given the vitriol that she engaged in against Umberg when they competed for the 69th Assembly District not that long ago.

Does this conference mean that Latinos are starting to get excited about Umberg? Uh, no. It means that Alvarez is a smart cookie and she is coming out on top. Good for her! I would love to see her stick it to Pulido in two years.

I will believe that Latinos are backing Umberg when we see it. Most likely we will have to wait for the votes to be counted after Election Day.

In related news, Bustamante is speaking to the O.C. Libertarians on Sunday, at 1:30 p.m., at the Karl Strauss Restaurant in Metro Pointe, at 901 South Coast Drive, in Costa Mesa. I expect the Liberterians will lose their appetite after they hear about Bustamante’s support for eminent domain, project labor agreements, etc. Maybe they will end up throwing food at him? One can only hope…

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