Alerting public of stolen SUV’s ignored by Mission Viejo city council

For those who have missed our recent local news let me state that there were 24 SUV’s stolen from the Shops at Mission Viejo between May and Nov of last year. Of that number 13 were taken in June.In my Public Comments at the Jan 15th Mission Viejo City council meeting I showed the council a city issued Press Release dated Oct 2006 in which it mentions our being ranked the safest city in CA. I also showed several pages from our city web site including an area entitled “notifications of recent crime trends in the business community.”

It is worth noting that it was not until Dec 12th that our chief of police services issued an email to the entire council and senior city staff reporting on the crime yet he failed to include any member of the print or broadcast media.

I than asked if the city council or city manager knew of the thefts prior to the issuance of the above referenced memo?

I posed this question in that three of our councilmembers boasted of our safe city ranking last fall leading up to the Nov election. What did they know? and when did they know it? remains a mystery.

Was our chief of police services negligent in failing to send out his warning for six months after June? Was his delay politically motivated?
Why didn’t anyone mention this at a city council meeting for six months?

The sad part is that not a single member of the council or city manager had any comments after my presentation nor during their final comments. They appear to simply want to sweep this chapter of our history under a rug as it does not look favorably on our reputation.

What’s your thoughts on this “silence” of those who claim that “public safety is their number one priority?”

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