Who cares about an old Blimp Hanger?

Sometimes you wonder what people may be thinking! Hey, you take the “Greatest
Generation”, every veteran in every war fought and the current crop of American
heroes fighting in Iraq, Afganistan and around the world. You have the Holiday Spirit
of giving and sharing…..and what does the Board of Supervisor’s do? Sell the last Blimp
Hanger on Earth to a Realty Group…………for a electronic gaming center!

We might remind those that don’t remember, that the Board of Supervisor’s had
promised the Veterans of Orange County a Four Service Veteran’s Museum for
about 15 years! Promises were made, rings were exchanged……and now what?
You got it…the Bride leaves town with the 4 Carat Diamond Ring…..and the Groom
gets stuck for all the food that won’t get eaten.

So who voted for what? Our friends Bill Campbell, Chris Norby and Tom Wilson
all voted to give the property to Industrial Realty Group. We will have to watch
the campaign finance reports….to see how stupid any of those involved might be.
So who is Industrial Realty Group? Don’t ask us, just go there yourselves:

This is no mom and pop outfit. This is a giant Real Estate Developer Group…..
with over 50 Million Square Feet of Industrial Space….just hanging out there.
But what about the Veteran’s? The County Veteran Service had been helping
our Veteran’s create a County Vets Museum. They had plans….they had a
little group of concerned Vets…….who were attempting to get contributions to
build and create the Museum. How much did the County help in this process?
Not much! So, what great minds came to the conclusion that the Museum was
off the table? Who are those staff people? How did they throw out bids to
have Industrial Realty Group get involved? How much sandbagging is still
going on….in this skewed process?

Ok, so why did this issue have to come to a forced Holiday vote? Maybe because
Tom Wilson will be leaving office and won’t be locked in with his feet to the fire?
Maybe because fraudulently, John Moorlach can say….he didn’t for it! All we can
say is: How many members of the Board of Supervisor’s has served in Armed
Forces of our country? We know, too many rhetorical comments about an issue
that shouldn’t even be up for discussion.

The plain and simple is: The Veterans of Orange County were promised a Veteran’s
Museum at the Blimp Hanger. They have been stabbed in the back………and the
picture is not very pretty! So, let’s all go out and get a Game Boy 3 and forget about it!

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