Trannies put Umberg in the pole position, in race for 1st Supervisorial District

At long last the field of candidates for the 1st Supervisorial District is set. Here are the candidates, in the order I believe they will come in. I am also noting their cities of residence, the percentage of votes I think they will get, and a few notes about each one:

1. Tom Umberb (D-Villa Park) – Yes, he is a carpetbagger. But he has also represented most of the cities in the 1st District. He has tons of name I.D., but his reputation took a hit when he lied to voters about his whereabouts, and when he cheated on his loyal, long-suffering wife. Yet, he will be endorsed by his party and he will take advantage of a GOP split to earn a likely victory. (30%)
2. Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove) – The only viable female candidate – young, yet experienced. Conservative yet able to appeal to moderates and liberals. Unfortunately, Van Tran is out to get her, for no reason I can discern, and his “Trannies” are supporting Trung Nguyen instead. If Umberg wins, Tran and company will deserve 100% of the blame! (20%)
3. Benny Diaz (D-Garden Grove) – Si se puede! Well, maybe not, but Diaz is the only Latino Democrat on the ballot. That bodes ill for Carlos Bustamante…but can Benny get enough money from labor unions to print up signs? I’m betting he will. Go Benny! (12%)
4. Carlos Bustamante (R-Santa Ana) – Should have gone with the Democrats Carlos. I’m still not sure why he switched to the GOP. Lincoln Club will waste thousands on this guy. Oh well. He won’t place in the top three and he won’t even be reelected to his council seat in two years. (10%)
5. Trung Nguyen – (R-Garden Grove) – The campaign hasn’t even started and someone already broke into his office and stole his computers. How will his campaign staffers entertain themselves now? Let’s send them some decks of poker cards… (8%)
6. Mark Rosen (D-Garden Grove) – Would have been in contention if Umberg had not run. Too bad – he is a smart guy and he deserves a better fate. Will definitely go dirty on Umberg. It won’t help. (7%)
7. Kermit Marsh (R-Westminster) – Popular guy in the OC GOP. Totally unknown outside of Westminster. But he takes votes away from Bustamante. Go Kermit! (5%)
8. Lupe Moreno (R-Santa Ana) – Got almost 25% of the vote against Lynn Daucher this year in the primary election. Will get enough anti-immigration votes to cost Bustamante dearly. (4%)
9. Brett Franklin (R-Santa Ana) – Nice guy. He would make a fine supervisor, but his role in this election is simple – take out Bustamante. Thanks Brett! (3%)
10. Larry Phan – (D-Garden Grove) Strictly a vanity candidate. Yes, he is respected in his community. No, he is not known outside his community. Good luck Larry. You would have been better off by endorsing Janet Nguyen. (1%)

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