The Grinch arrives early this year

Good old Caltrans. Here we are two weeks before Christmas and they bring us our Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa gift. Caltrans just recommended Orange County getting $405 million dollars from the recently approved transportation Bond Measure. Lets celebrate! According to today’s LA Times, Orange County had requested $618 million.

California voters approved proposition 1 B last month, the transportation infrastructure Bond for $19.9 billion. It appears that the first $6.1 billion will be awarded next Feb.

LA County, with roughly 10 million people, is getting $1.5 billion. In addition, Caltrans is “also endorsing $730 million to build a northbound carpool lane on the 405 freeway between the Ventura and Santa Monica freeways.” LA Times Dec 12.

The ongoing problem. When, if ever, will Orange County get a full slice of this pie that with interest charges will probably approach $40 billion by the time the Bond is paid off. And guess what folks. That’s $40 billion from this one Nov Bond that will not be available for necessary state government operations. Minor items such as public safety, education, wages, health care and pensions.

How much clout with Caltrans, if any, does our Orange County Assembly and State Senate members or OCTA have with regards to this ongoing shortfall. I would say, not much. What say you???????

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