Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides proves to be a Pulido puppet after all

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido pulled his strings tonight, at the Santa Ana City Council meeting, and sure enough, his puppet, councilman David Benavides, voted against mayoral term limits – even though he promised to support term limits during his campaign.

Benavides said the timing wasn’t right at the moment to pursue the term limits. Really? Apparently the timing was OK for Benavides to vote for a much-contested expansion of Kelly’s Auto Body – a project opposed by many of the neighbors in the south Main St. area.

Ironically Benavides abstained from voting on this issue when he was on the Planning Commission. Why is he able to vote on it now? Could it be because the Mayor told him to?

I have been ripped by many of our readers for saying that Benavides is a Pulido puppet. Well, after tonight’s city council meeting, he sure looks like he is.

The Kelly’s deal was approved by the way, as new councilman Sal Tinajero abstained, and new council member Michele Martinez voted in the affirmative. The Pulido faction – which includes Benavides and Mayor Pro Tem Carlos Bustamante – all voted for the Kelly’s expansion as well.

The mayoral term limits amendment change failed by a vote of 3-3. Benavides was the swing vote. The only swinging he was doing however was at the end of the strings Pulido has attached to him.

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