Neighbor saves man from fire – before firemen arrive

A Santa Ana resident saved his neighbor from a raging fire – before the firemen arrived, according to an OC Register article. This story proves once more that anyone can be a hero in the right circumstances, if he or she is resolute and cares about others.

I inadvertently set off a raging debate here at the Orange Juice this week when I wrote in support of new OC Supervisor John Moorlach, regarding his comments about the OC public employees union’s attempts to bankrupt our county with their greedy demands for better and better pensions.

Bottom line – taxpayers should not have to pay for firemen and policemen to retire at the young age of 55. Nor should these public servants expect to make six figures – at least not until they have been plying their trade for some time.

Don’t get me wrong, I have great admiration for what firemen and policemen do – I just don’t think they ought to be allowed to bankrupt our city and county governments in the process.

In Santa Ana the local fire and police unions spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect council members who will do what they tell them to. That backfired this year when two of “their” candidates were defeated. Now they are going nuts trying to figure out how to buy off the new council members. It is sickening.

The firemen also walked precincts for “their” candidates and they drove around in an old fire truck festooned with political banners.

I for one am sick and tired of these over-paid special interests trying to influence, if not outright control, our elections. Enough! They need to stick do to doing their jobs and let the voters figure out who to vote for.

It has been suggested by numerous anon posters that firemen and policemen deserve to make hundreds of thousands of dollars and retire at 55 because of the hazards they face. The industry that has the most fatal accidents, in California, is not related to either fire fighting or police work. Agricultural workers face the most accidents and most fatalities. And they make pennies compared to what firemen and policemen earn.

Construction workers also face hazards every single day. And while some of them do quite well for themselves, many others don’t.

How can we value firemen, etc., more than doctors and nurses, teachers, ministers, farmers, construction workers, and the like? My point is that we all do important work – and without our tax dollars there is NO MONEY for public union workers.

Certainly professionals who face high hazards should be well-compensated, but all too often they are not. With the exception of public workers who are quite well paid. It is not fair.

As for the argument that firemen and policemen cannot do what they do by the time they are 55, can’t they then do inspection work, training, and management/administration? Give me a break! We all get older – and we all adjust accordingly. The difference is that most of us will never get to retire, while our friends in the fire department, moreso than police officers, will retire at 55 and spend the rest of their long lives counting their money while the rest of us wonder why our city and county governments don’t have the money to pave our roads, fix our parks, and keep our libraries open.

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