Mission Viejo Vice Mayor Frank Ury shafted by his peers

At tonight’s Mission Viejo city council meeting Vice Mayor Frank Ury was given the shaft by his peers In a prior decade we had three members controlling who would wear the crown and who would be in the second seat. After the Revolution of 2002 we thought that practice had ended. Well, it did for four years. At tonight’s meeting Lance MacLean nominated John Paul Ledesma to be Vice Mayor which was seconded by member Reavis. The vote was 5-0.

Than councilman Ledesma nominated member Reavis to be Mayor. Lance MacLean seconded the motion which carried by a 5-0 vote.

After the selection was over Mayor MacLean said the appointments were “quick and painless.” Painless to whom? Not Frank Ury who by rotation was in line to become Mayor for 2007. This was payback for Frank endorsing other candidates in the just concluded election.
It is interesting to see member Ledesma engaging in the same practice that locked him out of the vice mayor chair and mayor post for a few years.

My question for the readers. Should the position of mayor and mayor-pro tem rotate among the elected officials in cities where the mayor is selected and not elected?

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