Leading the Pack

Attending the Swearing In ceremonies of John Moorlach
on the 5th of December…..seemed a little like a welcome
home for the Marines at El Toro. The looks on the faces
were interesting. All of John’s pals and enemies were there
…waving their cameras…..laughing at the appropriate moments
in the presentation as generally, there was a “questioning look”
on all that attended. Let’s face it….John knows all the “usual
suspects”…yes, all the same County Staffers that gave him
trouble over the last 12 years are still there. Even all the Union
members that did everything in their power to demean him….
are all still there, but now with all his bonded compatriots sitting
happily on the dais; as reigning County Supervisors.

John has soon to be perinneal second Chris Norby..who did
the Swearing In….steady Bill Campbell…..the new found ally,
Pat Bates..the Supervisor to be in January, Tom Wilson…who
is hanging on…until his last moment in January…and Lou Correa
…..who has gone the way of the wild goose and procipitously
headed up to Sacramento…leaving that empty chair unfilled until
sometime after the special election month of February 2007. People
might say Moorlach is just temporarily in the “Cat Bird Seat”. John
winds up by chance being the soon to be third in seniority of
this august county body, behind Norby and Campbell.

John’s acceptance speech included quickly spending no time
immediately setting the agenda…without trepidation or concern
that his actions might be a concern to the local gentry. County
Pensions are center stage and in question…and the OC Sheriff’s
will be scrambling to figure out a way……to counter Moorlach’s
shot from the hip. “Yep, the Marines are back at El Toro….now live
with it!” In case anyone is checking – this is a “local funny”…you
know, “sort of joke..but not!” – so please do not bother to try and
correct us with so-called cogent comments or false rage and

John Moorlach might be considered a “Grandstander”…or just a
guy that governs a little differently. In any event, we all can expect
Moorlach to stay in the headlines….using his “political capital”
without any restrictions or qualms…for the forseeable future.
< span style="font-family:verdana;">Moorlach obviously has the votes…has the near mandate of the
voters and the inside track by being a darling of the press for over
12 years. Don’t be mislead….. Moorlach is a “Wiley Coyote” when it
comes to his public image and only “he” can “self-destruct”. Let’s
face it – No one is going to challenge him without getting bunches
of egg on their faces. He has left a legacy at the Treasurer’s office
which will take years and years to purge away.

Our suggestion to the OC Sheriff’s Union is: Make nice before you
get John Moorlach’s attention. The boy is on a roll……and for right now….each and everyone at County…better watch their P’s & Q’s!

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