Janet Nguyen leads the pack of 1st District candidates

The O.C. Register published an article today about the money raised thus far by the candidate’s for the 1st Supervisorial District. However, they included the money that the candidates have loaned to themselves. No fair! There is no way to know if they actually intend to spend that money. So here is the rundown of the candidates and their money – I have listed what they have actually raised in italics:

Janet Nguyen – $215,000 (all raised – no loans)
Carlos Bustamante – $118,000 (all raised – but much of it with the help of Miguel Pulido & Curt Pringle, and a few misguided members of the Lincoln Club)
Mark Rosen – $54,000 (Plus $60,000 loaned to himself)
Trung Nuyen – $53,000 (Plus $100,000 loaned to himself)
Kermit Marsh – $0 (But he did loan $100,000 to himself)
Brett Franklin – $13,000 (No loans as of yet)

Lupe Moreno says she won’t be raising more than $1,000 for this campaign, and Larry “Television Producer” Phan has not turned in his financials yet, nor has Benny Diaz. The latter may benefit from some independent expenditures, but only if a few of the unions break his way. At this point it looks like most of the union money will go to Tom Umberg. It does not look like he has turned in his financials yet. Doesn’t matter – we know the unions will be spending over six figures to support him in independent expenditures.

It is readily apparent thus far that Janet Nguyen is not messing around – whereas Trung Nguyen has proven once more that he is not a viable candidate. The same goes for Kermit Marsh and Brett Franklin – but while they may not raise much money they each figure to get some votes due to their service as council members. Each also figures to hurt Carlos Bustamante in particular.

Rosen has raised a decent amount – but he did so when he was the leading Democrat candidate. That is not the case anymore. It will be much harder for him to raise money now.

You can pull up the candidate’s financial reports online at this link.

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