Hunt retires after Carona opts to demote him

We have all been waiting a long time to see what O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona had in mind for his opponent, Lt. Bill Hunt. Now we know, thanks to an article in today’s O.C. Register. Hunt was busted down all the way to patrol – one level up from entry level. Disgraceful. Rather than accept the horrible and vindictive demotion, which would have also included a transfer to Stanton, Hunt opted to retire. Good for him. I hope he stays in law enforcement in some capacity.

I cannot even begin to voice my absolute disgust with Carona and his handlers. Those of you who want to pay him back right away, please consider that his right-hand henchman, GOP powerbroker Michael Schroeder, is backing Trung Nguyen for the First Supervisorial District. Every vote you don’t cast for Nguyen will be a message to Carona and company that you don’t agree with what they did to Hunt.

Carona’s actions will discourage anyone else in his department from taking him on in the future. That is deplorable. He should not get away with this – but he will. While former Hunt campaign manager Tim Whitacre once spoke about recalling Carona, I can’t see him actually going through with it.

There are dozens of reasons to dislike Carona – but this latest move tops them all. He will go down in history as the most corrupt and unethical sheriff in our county’s history. If you would like to let Carona know how you feel about his latest faux pas, please email him at

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