Guilty! Larry Gilbert guilty of Internet addiction. What about you?

I admit it. I am guilty of Internet addiction. However, as I am now retired it is not costing my employer any lost productivity.

But this is a real problem for IBM. Business Week just released a story in which IBM is being sued by a 19 year employee who admits “spending too much time in Internet chat rooms.” He was terminated for his Internet misuse and responded by filing a $5 million dollar law suit.In the story it reports that “several psychiatrists and psychologists say compulsive Internet overuse can legitimately be called an addiction.”

The entire report can be found on the Drudge Report entitled “employee sues IBM over Internet addiction.”And the question for readers. What steps, short of termination, would you recommend for businesses to deal with this growing problem?

Personally, starting next Thursday, I will have my own challenge as we head east for a 10 day vacation. Although I will not be posting any blog articles, will I refrain from checking my 100 per day incoming emails? That takes will power.

PS: I do have an excuse for (some of)my addiction. In preparation for upcoming Cutting Edge a talk show interviews I spend many hours on Google researching said guests. Following up on property rights violations is also very time consuming.

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