First Supervisorial race quickly getting crowded

Martin Wisckol, over at the OC Register’s Total Buzz blog, is reporting that there are now four Vietnamese-American candidates vying for the First Supervisorial District. Quang Pham, over at Red County/OC Blog, wrote about the latest one, Larry Phan.

Phan, like Phu Nguyen (who announced earlier this week that he is running too), has no name ID. The other second-tier candidate, Trung Nguyen, has already lost two elections this year. It looks like he is trying to start 2007 in the same fashion. Whatever – who cares? None of theses wannabe candidates are viable, exceptional or likely to make much of a difference.

The only candidate in this bunch that matters is Garden Grove City Councilwoman Janet Nguyen. She is the only one with any legitimate political experience. She is also the only conservative in the race.

Another Republican also filed today – former decline to state, and American Independent Carlos Bustamante, the Mayor Pro Tem in Santa Ana. Bustamante has had almost as many political affiliations as Garden Grove perennial candidate Al Snook.

Keep it up Carlos! Maybe you can go to the Democrats after you lose this election. Then you can join Nativo Lopez over at the Green Party when you run for reelection in Santa Ana in two years. Which will of course present you with the perfect opportunity to switch from calling yourself “Forrest Gump” to singing “It Isn’t Easy Being Green.”

The real question is “when is Tom Umberg going to file?” I heard he was going to do so this week. He is running out of time if that is his goal. Fellow Democrat Mark Rosen, the Mayor Pro Tem in Garden Grove, figures to take a bit out of Umberg if he does file. I expect him to remind voters about Umberg’s infidelity and proclivity to lie to voters.

The x-factor in this race will be Santa Ana City Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez, who should have been our next Mayor Pro-Tem over Bustamante, who has no idea how to run a City Council meeting. You can see Alvarez hand Bustamante his head at the last Santa Ana Council meeting at It is quite a hoot!

Alvarez is the only candidate in this race who might give Janet Nguyen a run for the money. If Umberg files, I will have to revisit that opinion, but he will have his hands full with the fiesty Rosen. And former Santa Ana Councilman Brett Franklin also figures to take votes away from Umberg and Rosen – and Bustamante too.

This race is starting to look like the Davis recall election…

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