Definition of a NIMBY Let’s have cities suing each other for bringing traffic to the area

Hey. With all the recent discussion of traffic and gridlock on the 5 Freeway SR55 and SR 57 I propose we start a “Class Action” lawsuit against the city of Anaheim. After all, it’s their fault. The clustered popular amusement centers that draw thousands of tourists to these venues are clogging our critical roads. Disneyland, Angel Stadium and the Honda Center (formerly known as Arrowhead Pond) are all in their city.Will Anaheim relieve our pain by sharing any of their sales or TOT tax proceeds. NO.

Joking aside I bring you an editorial from today’s Sacramento Bee with a similar theme.
The city of Davis is suing their neighboring city Dixon who wants to build a racetrack. Rather than lose any of the verbiage I am including parts of the actual editorial for your reading pleasure. Although I was jesting before it is worth noting that the city of Anaheim is a big winner when we make it easier for tourists to reach their convention center and venues as mentioned above.

Editorial: Davis vs. Dixon Cities feud over cars, racing and money

Sacramento Bee December 1, 2006

The city of Davis has decided to sue its neighbor a few miles to the west, the city of Dixon, because Dixon proposes to build a horse racing track.

Thousands of gamblers mean thousands more cars on busy Interstate 80. Davis thinks Dixon has neither studied adequately the impact of all these cars on the freeway nor come up with a solution — particularly for any impact on Davis. So Davis has filed a lawsuit. A court will have to review the lengthy environmental review of the racetrack, Dixon Downs, and decide whether its traffic analysis complies with the California Environmental Quality Act.

That will be a legal decision. But then there is the court of public opinion, and whether one city is being a worse neighbor than the other. It might turn out to be a conversation that Davis regrets launching.

The city of Davis is worried about some episodic traffic from waves of horse racing fans driving to and from Dixon Downs. A couple of events a year may draw 50,000 fans. Perhaps 25 events a year will draw about as many fans as attend a Kings game at Arco Arena, where more than 40 home games are played each year. Interstate 80 is the key transportation artery between the Sacramento region and the Bay Area. Based on the analysis by Dixon Downs, traffic right after big events will slow the freeway considerably.

Davis is worried that motorists on the I-80 will head through its city in search of short cuts. Davis City Councilman Don Saylor feels as if his city reached out to Dixon in search of a solution. “We want to talk about it,” he said. “They don’t.”

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