Bilodeau exposed in Orange

There appears to be a concerted effort in the City of Orange to expose what incoming council member Denis Bilodeau did during the recent election, when he was filmed stealing another candidate’s sign.

A website has come online that contains the video footage. It is quite damning.

A full-page ad (see image below) also was published in yesterday’s Orange City News touting the new website. The ad however misspells Bilodeau’s name in the first few lines.

I am told that it is likely that one of the candidates defeated by Bilodeau, Carol Rudat, is behind this campaign. Ironically, Rudat faced charges of being a carpetbagger who did not live in City of Orange, during her campaign.

I understand that Bilodeau is supposedly a good guy – but as a Republican I expect him not to engage in illegal activity. I am extremely disappointed by his actions. He ought to resign in disgrace from the City Council and either the next runner-up ought to be appointed to his seat, or there ought to be a special election.

Running for office is very hard – I know that as I ran for the Santa Ana School Board in 1998. My opponents, John Palacio and Nadia Maria Davis, both raised over $50,000. My signs were taken down three times, and I finally ran out of money to make any more. I cannot tell my readers how discouraging it is to have your signs stolen. That is why loathsome opponents and their supporters do it.

What Bilodeau did was wrong, period. He ought to pay the price and serve as an example to others as to what happens when you go too far to win an election.

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