1st Supervisorial District Candidate’s Statements, Part 2

Yesterday we took a look at the candidate’s statements for half of the folks running for the 1st Supervisorial District. Today we will look at the rest of them:

Benny Diaz – Benny is not hiding his agenda. He lets you know right away that he is the only candidate running to represent immigrant’s rights. Considering what Umberg had to say about prosecuting those who bring people over our borders, Diaz certainly has a role to play in this election. (It is hard to believe that both Diaz and Umberg are Democrats, given their apparent differences on immigration).

I liked what Diaz had to say about education. However, his statement is too short – and he forgot to include his contact information.

Mark Rosen – Rosen comes out swinging – telling the voters that he has “fought for” them. He does a good job of reviewing his career highlights.

Rosen also appears to be reaching out to Republicans, as he mentions stopping an attempt at eminent domain by the OCTA, and stopping a gas tax.

Rosen also touches on issues that pertain to the first district. He talks about parks – and actually makes salient proposals. He also mentions “the county

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