Yanez signs stolen – is Benavides campaign responsible?

Sometime last night unknown perpetrators took down virtually all of Santa Ana Council Candidate Nelida Yanez’ campaign signs, throughout the city. In most cases she asked home owners for permission to post her signs on their lawns, as opposed to placing them on fences, so whoever took the signs trespassed on private property to do so.

The signs belonging to her Mayor Miguel Pulido-backed opponent for Ward 4, David Benavides, are still standing, of course. I don’t know that he is directly connected to the theft of the signs, but this looks terrible for his campaign – and you have to wonder at the amount of pressure that Pulido is no doubt exerting on his forces for something this grievous to occur.

Also, a fire engine was seen today in the Floral Park neighborhood, in north Santa Ana, parading through the area with a banner on it touting the entire Pulido ticket – and with its horns blaring. Is that a responsible thing to do? I don’t think engines should be used in that fashion, although I assume that that the engine was property of the fireman’s association. See the picture to the left.

Clearly Pulido and company are in full panic mode. Have they conducted polling showing that Pulido’s puppets are all tanking? I hope that is the case!

If your Yanez sign was stolen you can ask Benavides about it at this link.

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