While the turkey is still in the oven the 33rd SD race has already created speculation

Here it is Thanksgiving Nov 2006, the Registrar is still counting votes, and the pundits are discussing who will replace state Senator Dick Ackerman in the 33rd Senate District. Hey, let’s allow Dick and Linda enjoy their turkey today before jumping into Dick’s expansive Sacramento office.

Other bloggers are already floating the names of possible contenders which will present a challenge for me. I have worked with Chris Norby on “property rights protection” for nearly ten years. Assemblywoman Mimi Walters has worked tirelessly in promoting Prop 90 which deals with the same issue. Let me caution the readers not to blame Mimi for the failure to get Prop 90 passed. We simply lacked the funds necessary to properly promote the reasons for it’s passage. She was successful in getting numerous members of our State Assembly to support this effort.
As to Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu. Although I have met Harry I will need to look into his voting record to see how effective he was in representing the voters of Anaheim before making any assessment of his credentials.

There continues to be reference to Orange County being a “donor” County. OK. We all accept that fact. However what actions are the RED County elected officials doing to bring home the bacon? Were they sent to Sacramento by us to only serve on the defensive team? Block all budgets until we can re-take the majority? And in what decade will that happen?

Earlier this year I worked with SD Senator Christine Kehoe’s staff to promote improvements in defining “blight” which led to legislation signed by Governor Schwarzenegger. The fact that she is a Democrat played no role in the overall objective. Effective leaders must reach across party lines to get their ideas into law. I will closely monitor the players as they surface in the next year and plan to question their Agenda as to how to level the playing field with regard to our current shortfall. It is not a public trough. We’re talking about Orange County taxes that should be distributed equally and fairly. When I spoke to Sacramento earlier this summer they joked that we are not getting our fair share and summed it up by calling it “politics.”<strong

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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