Trivia. Who knows. These may become questions on Jeopardy

As the counting of absentee and provisional votes approaches completion I thought it might be fun to revisit some current and past votes.
In the Oct 2003 Statewide Special election to recall governor Davis we all know who the winner was. Of the 135 candidates can you name the individual who finished last with 192 votes?
Fast forward to this year’s Nov General election for governor. Although not shown on the Sec of State’s web site can you name the three candidates who each received one vote for governor in Orange county?And what became of William “David” Beckingham who filed to run as a write in candidate under the name “Will B King”? Although his name was listed in the Registrar’s list of write-in’s did he decide not to vote for himself?And lastly. Speaking of write-in candidates. Don’t be too quick to “write” them off as jokesters. Look what impact the write-in votes for Otto Bade are having in the ongoing counting in the 34th Senate district photo finish race between Lynn Daucher and Lou Correa.

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