Should CUSD Deputy Superintendent Dave Doomey be fired?

The housecleaning at the Capistrano Unified School District is still not finished.
Superintendent Dr Fleming is gone and three of the Trustee’s have been removed. That’s a good start. Sadly we have just learned that games were played with the funding of the district’s $35 million administration building.I commend the Mission Viejo activists that asked our city council to conduct an audit of CUSD’s use of funds coming from Mission Viejo which may have triggered this discovery.

For David Doomey, CUSD Deputy Superintendent of Facilities, to now say that “there was misinformation out in the community” should not let him off the hook. Source: O.C. Register Thur Nov 30. Dave Doomey is not a rookie at the District. I recall Mission Viejo councilwoman Trish Kelley boasting about all of the school projects that he led during one of our council debates. Having served as President of the Capistrano H.S. PTSA, Trish had an opportunity to observe his activities.

Today’s Register headline reads: “Funds came from other sources, CUSD admits.”

Let me quote one section of this article. “district officials had maintained that the project was paid for with San Juan Capistrano redevelopment funds, a source with limited flexibility that could be spent only in that city. But the district also used Mello-Roos funds from Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo and San Juan Capistrano to pay more than one-third of the $35 million.”

In responding to questions as to why “the public was misled” the article reports “it was misinformation that was provided. It was corrected this evening,” Doomey said.

Corrective action? The buck stops on his desk. We must demand integrity if we are to restore faith and confidence in the use of public funds, especially at CUSD.

Again I pose the question of the day. Should Dave Doomey be removed from his post due to this revelation?

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