Santa Ana Firefighter’s Association does it again!

We have already heard the ridiculous excuses coming from the Santa Ana Firemen’s Benevolent Association about their now-infamous mailer that “accidentally” included the OC COPS organization – alleging that they have endorsed Santa Ana City Council Candidate Tino Rivera, even though they have in fact not done so. On the heels of that disaster a new mailer came out today.

You would think that they would be apologizing for the last mailer – but then you would be wrong. Instead, the new mailer says “Your Firefighters, Paramedics, and Police Oficers need your help.” Well, what they really want is even more money, in a city that is so broke it has already closed all but one of its libraries. To get even bigger paychecks and pensions, the firefighter’s union is kissing up to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his entire squad of puppets – David Benavides, Tino Rivera, and Jennifer Villasenor. Problem – Rivera is not endorsed by the local police officers – so why does this new mailer mention them?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology. I guess Debra Fritz, the lady who designs these mailers didn’t see the “bad mailer (that) is posted on the marlite board with bold writing instructing everyone who comes across it to NOT use it and discard it,” as Tim Whitacre put it earlier today.

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