Santa Ana Election Update

Things remain tight in the race for Ward 6 on the Santa Ana City Council – but Sal Tinajero is starting to pull away from fellow Democrat Jennifer Villasenor, at 41% to 39% of the vote. Republican George Collins continues to be a huge factor in that race with 19% of the vote.

Over in Ward 2, Evangeline Gawronski has lost her lead to Michele Martinez, but not by much. Clearly one of them will win this contest – and both have told me that they will be independent of Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. Believe me, neither one has any reason to like the guy at this point. The fact that Pulido’s puppet, Tino Rivera, is doing so badly is a huge repudiation of Pulido.

In the Mayoral race, Pulido is firmly in the lead, but Thomas Gordon has more votes than other prominent GOP candidates in the county, such as Jack Wu in Newport Beach, who spent thousands of dollars.

Over in the SAUSD race, it still looks bad for Cecilia Aguinaga, as she is 5% behind Audrey Noji.

In the 34th State Senate District, Lynn Daucher is still leading Lou Correa, at 52.8% to 47.2%. She is up by about 2,500 votes. Will that lead hold? Too early to say…

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